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Monday, May 3, 2010

Eye Candy Bag Collection

Code : Giselle


Dual color bag
Gold hardware
Removable straps

Height - 27cm
Width - 23cm (top), 30cm (Bottom)
Dimension - 9cm
Straps Length - 37cm (Shortest), 56cm (longest)

Code : Yasmen

Gold hardware
Adjustable straps

Height - 19cm
Width - 25cm
Dimension - 9cm
Straps drop length - 30cm (shortest), 58cm (longest)

Black (Available)
Pink (Available)
Purple (SOLD)
RM 58 / USD 18

Code : Lenny

Snake-skin prints
Gold hardware
Studs at sides of the bag
Adjustable straps

Height -19cm
Width - 21cm
Dimension - 9cm
Straps drop length - 35cm (shortest), 66cm (longest)

Black (Available)
Beige (Available)
RM 58 / USD 18

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